Tuesday, June 3, 2008


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This blog has the purpose to enable creative, dynamic, and team-minded international webcasters to explore, to share, to discuss, and to collaborate on endorsed ideas created, best-practice approaches, and cutting-edge benchmarks regarding Preventive Quality Management for Webcasting under the implementation of Web 2.0 and Open Source technologies (meaning non-commercial or Creative Commons License ones for free use). The following is also an attempt to find a foothold in this issue in compliance with the International Standard for Quality Management ISO 9001:

This blog has its roots at WebcastAcademy.net
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As an information consultant affiliated with the EU Commission since 1988, I support and endorse the core objectives, non-junk community-of-trust web-culture elements, and cooperative win-win guidelines of WebcastAcademy.net, which are presently in-process.

What do we basically need from a constitutional viewpoint?

1. Quality Management Manual for Webcasting
2. Endorsed Web-Culture Principles for Webcasters
3. Endorsed Operative Guidelines for Webcasters
4. International Internet Law Overview for Webcasters
5. Cross-Cultural Impacts to Global Webcasting
6. The Webcaster as Web Citizen
7. Webcasting Processes and Risk Management
8. Internet Fraud / Scam Alert
9. Webcasting and Community-of-Trust (Ethics & Sociology)
Community Guidelines
11. Privacy Policies
12. Terms-of-Use
13. Forum Guidelines
14. Problem Management (ITIL), Web 2.0 Help Desk http://zendesk.com/
15. Webcasting and Intercultural Information Ethics
16. International Treaties WIPO
17. User Guidelines for Info Island and Webcastatorium in Second Life
18. Language Style Guide
19. Document and Template Style Guide
20. WCA Moodle Style Guide and Localization Guidelines
21. Translation-oriented Authoring
22. Funding Management